Cold Call

Decanter dregs rambled and pooled out its mouth into the teacup I balanced across my knees. Sediment found a grave on the crystal wall.

 “So good of you to offer, Auntie.” I tapped the last drop off the rim. I have so many relatives in the city. “It feels terrible to come over uninvited,” I sighed, and set the plate of biscuits on the accent table. She hadn’t touched the tea I made.  I stare into the upholstery of her chair. Dark plastered in bursting flowers of unwelcome reds.

 Someway far off from the living room a doorbell carried through the corridors and over photographs of family members I’d yet to meet. Faces I’d soon match to names from conversations prior and address books and letters found in shoeboxes. I looked over to Auntie to see if she expected anyone but her eyes were closed. My surprise visits exhausted everyone. I lifted the toolbox and went to answer the door myself.

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